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                                                  Heat Transfer
            Heat Transfer is as durable as screen-printing, but offers more detail. Heat Transfer uses heat to create a bond between the resin and the T-Shirt, locking the ink between the two layers. Heat Transfer has a slight plastic feel when first worn, however, this feel will diminish after washing.

                                   The benefits of Heat Transfer

  • Vibrant colors - great for photos and detailed imagery
  • Good washability, fading happens over the first few washes


Things to keep in mind with Heat Transfer

  • May crack on ribbed garments
  • Has a slightly stiffer feel
  • Transfer outline may be visible with some designs
  • May yellow over time


            Heat transfers can be applied to T-Shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, tank tops, and more.  They work on polyester, 50/50 poly/cotton blends, and 100% cotton garments.    They cannot be applied to nylon or satin garments.   Maximum artwork image size is 11" x 11".